Special Offers

 Advanced seedlings of Cattleyas , Phalaenthae Dendrobiums ,and Zygopetalums  



3 assorted advanced seedling Cattleyas   3 Assorted Phalaenthae Dendrobiums   6 Advanced seedlings Zygopetalum


           50mm Tube size 3 for $25.00           60mm pot size 3 for $30.00               50mm tube size 6 for $35.00     

3 Soft Cane seedlings D. Felicity Fortescue Pink Lady x D Golden Sands

3 seedlings of Dendrobium Felicity Fortescue Pink Lady x D. Golden Sands

6 Advanced seedlings of Zygopetalum

6 Zygopetalum seedlings in 50mm pot size

3 Different Cattleyas advanced seedlings

3 Advanced seedlings of Cattleya in 50mm tube size

4 Genera Pack

4 assorted Genera in a pack Our Choice

Vanda 3 Pack

Three named Vandas  our choice

All different colours